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Adoption & Guardianship

The attorneys and support staff that comprise Fine & Hatfield’s Family Adoption Team are committed to making your adoption process as smooth and stress-free as possible. With a combined twenty-five years of experience, the attorneys in our Family Adoption Team pride themselves on providing a comprehensive and professional environment to adoptive parents and step-parents, while also focusing on the needed support and care for birth parents. In addition to adoptions, Fine & Hatfield’s attorneys can assist loved ones and close family members with both adult and child guardianships. With our vast experience in these areas, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch legal advice along with the emotional understanding and support that is needed for our clients and their families.

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Adotion Services Include:

  • Representing the Rights of Birth Mother or Birth Father

  • Representing the Interests of the Adopting Family

  • Step-Parent Adoptions

  • Open and Closed Adoptions

Guardian Services Include:

  • Guardianship over a Minor Child

  • Contested Guardianships

  • Adult Guardianship

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