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Elder Law

In addition to the knowledge and experience that Fine & Hatfield has in the areas of estate planning and estate administration, Fine & Hatfield attorneys also serve their elder clients in numerous elder law issues. To best serve the unique needs of their clients, Fine & Hatfield attorneys are connected to numerous local professionals in the areas of nursing home care, stay-at-home care, long-term care insurance, and numerous charitable organizations for elderly and disabled individuals. Whichever services Fine & Hatfield is providing to you or your loved one, rest assured that our attorneys, paralegals, and other supporting staff will be professional, compassionate, and attentive toward your every need.


Elder Law Planning Services Include:

  • Long Term Care Planning

  • Medicaid Planning

  • Asset Preservation

  • Adult Guardianships

  • Planning for Incapacity

  • Special Needs Trust Planning

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