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Child Support Enforcement

Private attorneys can file a Rule to Show Cause – requesting a wage withholding order for support and arrears. For the worst cases and offenders, jail time can be ordered. However, an experienced and honest family law attorney knows when the child support division of the local Prosecutor’s office has more effective enforcement tools at its disposal to enforce a child support obligation. For example:

--- If the whereabouts of the support payer are unknown, the Prosecutor’s office can use the Parent Locator Service that has access to IRS records and other federal and state agency databases.

--- The Prosecutor can suspend fish and wildlife licenses and driver’s licenses and can intercept tax refunds, casino and lottery winnings, put holds on passports, and more.

--- If the payer lives in another state, the Prosecutor can process a request to another state to enforce the support order. Contact JoAnn Krantz or Kristin McLaughlin to set an initial conference to discuss the best enforcement options for you.


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